As I awoke spiritually,  I became aware of the truth that Love brings forth.  Love is so important in everyone’s life and we often deny ourselves of Love.

     There are many beliefs in the world but one thing we all share is the knowing that Love is truth.  Love is Love no matter where you came from and where you are going.  Love is in our nature, we are born Lovers and as we live life, we learn otherwise.  We forget Love is unconditional, unquestionable, unhesitating, a selfless, agape Love.

     I have relearned to Love, and having my heart full of Love is an amazing feeling. However, like a muscle that needs strengthening, holding on to this amazing feeling takes practice and dedication.

     Living my life with a Love intent in all my actions and words is how I keep myself full of Love.

     I will Love. I will send love. I will promote Love. I will help others connect to Love. I will be Love.

     Because that is my purpose, I am Here to Love. 

I welcome you to join me.

~Carlos Parreño